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We create mixed and virtual reality programs that make sure your complex training get – and stay – way ahead of the curve.

Our work specializes in full-immersion VR and mixed-reality technology that makes your intricate training systems trackable, scalable, portable, and efficient. Our XR technologies aim to bring any training situation to the learner, plunging your users into realistic and controlled simulated scenarios. You’ll be able to have your team go through a hands-on experience, without any of the real-life risks.

We’re interested in empowering your business to enable hardcore training at lower costs and higher ROIs. Maybe most importantly, we want to join you as we enter the future of training together.

why virtual reality?

Imagine a system for training that’s totally turnkey. One that’s no-contact and built to manage any slip-up. When we build you a tailor-made, fully-controlled environment, you can ensure that every simulated experience is fine-tuned to every one of your enterprise’s demands. That’s the power of our VR Training.

Our Promise

  • Bring instructional consistency to your enterprise and get the ability to iterate, grow, and learn from your own processes.
  • Empower both your hands-on and soft-skill workers to reach competency at breakneck pace.
  • Extract significant data from your VR to fine-tune and streamline your world.
  • Get your team trained on new policies, procedures, and skills with fully-immersive tech that engages your team and ensures higher retention rates than traditional in-person training.

Whether it’s through mixed reality, 360° videos, fully-immersive VR experiences, augmented reality, or a thoughtful combination of all of them, we’ll bring your vision to life – or help you build it from the ground up.

Our Team

VR Training is a global and constantly-growing studio of VR evangelists, developers, and leaders in the industry. With a score of diverse backgrounds and years of experience behind us, we’re able to bring you creative solutions for complex training projects through the worlds of 360° immersive video, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Case Studies & Portfolio

With clients that span blue-chip businesses and US government agencies, we’ll provide you with bespoke tech that makes training trackable, scalable, and reliable. Browse our portfolio of projects below to review the breadth of our work.


Our team follows the latest in VR closely. Read our commentary on the emerging developments coming out of the worlds of learning & development, digital disruption, immersive tech, and mixed virtual reality.

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